Cleaning drums


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Hi all this is a task that i am sure many of us dread but what are your tips and secrets to keeping your drums looking their best. Certain polish or cream, even a certain type of cloth.



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Cymbal cleaner on chrome and hardware, guitar polish on the shells, most time the guitar polish will come with a soft cloth.


Steel wool, sand paper and pure chlorine.
This is great stuff but I find removing the heads and soaking the shells in a tub of gasoline overnight prior to applying these items helps too.

Seriously though, I just use a soft cloth on the shells. If there's a stain, say the stupid bassist spilled a beer on your kick, just wet a soft cloth, remove the stain then dry it immediately with a dry cloth. Paper towel is not an acceptable substitute (but chances are nothing cleans better than your favourite t-shirt).

Soft cloth your rims and hardware too to make them nice and shiny.

As for cymbals, don't touch them (just my personal opinion)


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Old 100% cotton T shirts,or Microfiber cloths will do the trick.Use mild cleaners like guitar polish,or watered down Dawn dish detergent(I'm serious really) for stubborn stains.Rinse and dry well,and NO steel wool or wire hangers.:)

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