Classical training, still playing drumkit


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Hi, this autumn I'm starting out on the Tromsø Conservatory of Music (it's in Norway, for those of you
who need to know). I was accepted on both rythmic (pop, rock, alternative, jazz, etc) and classical (well,
classical) music. But there was two guys better than me on the rythmic audition, and they just had 1 open
spot this year. But fortunately, I turned out number 1 on the classical audition =)

So I'm "going classical", so to speak.

How do you people think this will affect my drumkit playing?
Technique, listening, sound, etc. I think you get the idea ;-)

I think it is possible for me to have an audition around xmas times, so it's possible for me to change over
to the rythmic side (turn to the dark side again :-o ).

I think my bottom line question is:

Rythmic vs Classical training, what are the pros and cons on how they will contribute to my drumkit playing?


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I played drum set for about 5 years before going to college for classical percussion. I will say that the course of study taught me HOW to study and get better at drum set in a more efficient, "classical" kind of way. It's a pretty focused mindset, and will open your eyes to new ways of viewing drums/playing.


i'm currently studying with a classical drummer and she not only opened my mind on some really cool music, concepts and composition but also helped me getting a much better sound and a more accurate sense of time. which of course made my drumset-playing way better. just go for it

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Great question, great opportunity. I trained in classical percussion from age 13-16 (all be it at an advanced, but junior level). I sat on a kit for the first time aged 16. That training took years off the time necessary to become a useful drum kit player.

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I agree: one cannot hurt the other. I think that should be everyone's goal: to play all the music that you can play, whatever it is. It will only help you to be more well-rounded as a musician. Studio great Harvey Mason is well-known for his funk groovy-ness with the likes of George Benson and Herbie Hancock, but the man knows his way around the orchestral percussion - which is why he's on the first call list of all the movie music coming out of Hollywood. So pursue everything you can, I say. Not everyone will get the opportunity.


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Kenny Arnoff is one the top session drummers today (if not THE top). But his background is studying classical percussion.