Classic Jazz drum solo song


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Hey guys,

I was listening on Spotify to one of my jazz playlists, and I stumbled across this awesome Jazz song that is basically a drum solo, like what Moby Dick is to rock. The song I’m talking about is Cozy Cole’s track “Topsy part II”. I’m really impressed how it just grooves along, and isn’t a mass output of random notes as fast as possible. And, the drum sound is awesome! That snare and those toms are that classic 50’s mono drum sound.


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Sounds musical, groovy and just feels right. Same for Sandy Nelson.

I get the feeling that "impressive" is now the major criteria for drum solos.

Ever tried dancing to a Terry Bozzio solo ? I'd look like a disarticulated version of the Robax mascot on crystal meth.

I myself prefer the former.