Classic Giant Beat recordings


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Bill Bruford used them on the early Yes stuff if I remember the gear setup that was on his website.

Carl Palmer probably used them as did Ian Paice (but I think his black oyster kit had Zildjians)

Worth remembering that the original GB line had more sizes than the current offering which I have the 18/20.

The cymbas I love from that era are the 5 star super zyns they go under the radar. The regular zyns were a bit crap but they were around before I was.


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Good question, I would love to know about the professional drummers who play Giant Beats>

I'm not a recording artist, but I play 18" and 20" Giant Beats. :)

I love those cymbals!!!


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This came from a discussion with a friend.

How many classic records, or even current records, out there feature Paiste Giant Beat cymbals?

Of course, early Led Zep featured Bonham playing GBs, all the classic Pink Floyd records, as well as Doug Clifford from CCR as well.

The new drummer for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Tony Leone, plays Giant Beats too.

Can anyone out there add to this list?