Christmas songs!


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I try to avoid playing "Sleigh Ride" whenever possible, and flat refuse to play "Jingle Bell Rock". Mel Torme's "Christmas Song", the Charlie Brown "Christmastime is Here", and "Winter Wonderland" are nice. They don't exactly feature the drums, but I don't know of a Christmas song that does, except "Little Drummer Boy" (sort of).


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Not that I enjoy the song, and I hear most Brits can't stand it, but "Do They Know it's Chistmas" has some interesting drumming. Don't know who drummed on that and don;t wish to look it up. Phil Collins? No idea.. Has that early U2 vibe or the mid-1980s feel to it..

Basically the entire Charlie Brown Chistmas album was a lesson in great jazz playing, brushwork.


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I played some concert band stuff yesterday.

Rest - suspended, Fum Fum Fum - bells, Holiday Piece - Drum Set, Shrouds of Snow - Bells.

Good stuff.

gaz farrimond

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I tried to get the lads to play Walking Round In Womens Underwear, Grab Ya Balls and Hark The Hare Lipped Angel Sings.

But it didn't work out: So the UK will need to wait another year to be re-introduced to Bob Rivers.


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Ihave one I really like I'm hoping to post playing on my kit this weekend.....I'll leave you wondering :)


Re: Christmas songs! Rick Latham's Little Drummer Boy

Hi Drum Brothers and Sisters,

Merry Christmas from Los Angeles.

Here is a little adaptation I did today of The Little Drummer Boy, one of my all time fav Christmas tunes. From my studio The Boom-Boom Room here at my place in L.A.
Enjoy and all the best for now, here is the link.

Keep it Funky,