Chimpanzee drum solo, released

Anon La Ply

Getta, I think the thing that amused me most about the dog video is the last comment left - "your holding the sticks" LOL!!

The chimp performance is interesting. He's definitely understanding regularity. Given that all living things are full of body rhythms you would expect some resonance, but the penny doesn't seem to drop for most animals.

My dog responds to avant garde - sudden sounds. She can stay focused on some pieces for half a minute or so. As soon as there is regularity in the sound, she tunes out. She tends to retreat from my drumming (like most audiences) and for some reason she always barks at wind instruments - anything from flute to didgeridoo :)

I've often wondered what she perceives wind instrument sounds to be to react like that.


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So that's what death metal is....

Gotta hand it to the cat, that's the best ever drum cover I've seen, and mighty impressive double bass pedal technique.