Chic Hi Hat on Change My Game


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1/16 notes on the hat. With the ands accentuated with the right hand. Basically , the right and is doing "and 2 and and 4 and" accentuated.
Fill up the rest with 1/16 with the left, mostly "ghost notes". Accentuate a couple of those left hand 1/16th notes and you got it !!


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Hi all,

First time poster here. Be gentle with me :). I'm really into the funk/disco thing, and have been having a lot of trouble getting the sticking and accent technique down for this great track, 'Change My Game', by Fonzi Thornton. Mainly, I'm trying to figure out if this is basically a two handed 16th note sticking pattern on the hi hat, but the accents really throw me off. The feel ( on many Chic tracks, for that matter) sounds so relaxed and smooth, and the accenting a bit unusual; playing this two handed comes off sounding very mechanical.

Now some tracks, like Le Freak, clearly sound like two handed sticking, and are straightforward to play, but this one just seems very different to me, and feels like a one-handed pattern with extra 16ths thrown in with the right hand. Whatever sticking I try comes off feeling awkward. Here's a link

Any thoughts? Is there some special technique to get that unique feel for these types of grooves?Thanks a bunch!