Checking the integrity/cleaning a drum - Video



Greetings all!

I uploaded a tutorial on stripping, cleaning and checking the integrity ofa drum for some of my students and figured it could be a good thing to share here for those who are not confident in pulling their drums apart or knowing what to look out for.

Hit me up if anyone has any questions!


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That was very nice, thank you for making that.

When I was a child, my machinist father always had me put down a white towel in my work area. Parts that came off of the item I was working on always went on the towel from top left to bottom right. This preserved the re-assembly order and orientation, stopped parts from rolling, gives you a good look at the threads and overall condition of the pieces. For carburetor rebuilds, I'd simply disassemble, replace the gaskets on the towel with the new parts, and reassemble.

Whenever I work on a musical instrument, I do the exact same thing out of habit.

I wonder if others here were taught to do the same?


I do it too Kamak.
Unfortunately that video was done rather ad-hoc around modnight, at the time, and not in a room Id generally use for the job (thats my recording studio!)
Your advice is sound though. Lay down a sheet and keep some jars handy for parts.