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Concrete Pete

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Hey Crew,

I bought a box of electronic stuff at a yard sale on the way back from having a few songs professionally recorded for a demo/master/CD for my band Loose Change today.

Lots of weird and strange stuff in the box, but for $10 bucks, what the heck. One thing I found was an electromagnetic "plunger" kind of thing that fits on a 1/4" to 3/8" rod, and a remote foot switch that runs on 115AC voltage. Plugged it in, hooked up the (12' long) wire, and that puppy slams down on the receiving end with about 6 lbs of thrust. As in FAST!
I got to thinking that I might be able to make an electronic remote hi-hat pedal out of it, maybe using a variable resistor for speed/impact.

My 1st issue would be to find a pedal for control (probably an electronic drumset type) and take it from there, and see what happens.

What's your opinions on something like this? Be cruel, be supportive, be realistic--I just want feedback. I have NO idea what the equipment was originally intended for, use-wise. No brand name on it, no labeled info.

PLEASE do NOT treat this like the "tune your drums as you play" thread, as I'm not marketing it, or trying to make $$$ off it, just want to expand my horizons, and keep "fooling around" with new and different stuff. Hey, a guy's gotta have fun, ya know?

Thanks and cheers,
C. P.

wy yung

I have no opinion either way. I suggest you do what you can with it and show it to us later.