Charlie Watts--Rolling Stones


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Charlie Watts (Drummer for the Rolling Stones) has played Gretsch drums all of his career---BUT---
Does anyone KNOW if Charlie Watts was playing Gretsch drums the 1st time he appeared on the Ed Sullivan show?

(I think it was 1964--a few months after the Beatles appeared on that show)

I have seen dozens of pictures of the 1st appearance of the Stones on the Ed Sullivan show, but can't determine if the drums are Gretsch.
There is no logo head and the pictures are not clear enough.



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As far as I know Charlie discovered his famous Gretsch kit at a recording session after the Ed Sullivan debut. I also can't tell what drums he was playing during the first Sullivan performance.
In Charlie's own words he found his late fifties kit in the early seventies.


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The "famous" 57 round badge kit became Charlie's in 1971. He was working on a Ron Wood album. Prior to that, he did have a few other Gretsch (newer) kits. One can be seen on the Get Your Ya Yas Out (tied to the mule). The real early Stones video's I've seen, looks like Ludwig fold out spurs on the kick.​


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he played Ludwig through most of the 60's right up to the Brian Jones Hyde Park show so about 68 69 switched