Celtic / Irish Rhythms


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Another band I seemed to have gotten myself involved with is a Celtic / Irish rhythm band with flutes, harps, singers, etc. Lots of world percussion involved.

Can anyone point me to DVDs or CDs of bands, artists or specific percussionists specializing in this genre, and what instruments they use? I need to study this genre to get a good grasp and understanding. Thanks a bunch!


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Bedlam Bards, Wild Clover Band, Poitin, Kennedy's Kitchen, and the Jolly Rogues come to mind. I think they all have stuff on Itunes. Its really nice stuff to listen to.

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I know Rathkeltair(probably mispelled) is a good irish band. Really good rock band with good irish folk mixed in. They played at a local irish festival and my local Irish pub on St. pattys day

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The bodhran is the main percussion instrument in Irish folk. There's a really good bodhran player named John Joe Kelly. You can check out videos of him on You Tube. One of my favorite Irish/Celtic bands is Danu. Great instrumentals and a great vocalist. Check out Altan as well.

For Irish folk in the more pub song style, you can't go wrong with the Dubliners. The Irish Rovers and the Clancy Brothers are a couple more good ones to check out.

A bodhran is pretty cheap if you're looking to learn how to play it. You can get one for $50 - $150 depending on what size you want.

I recommend checking out these artists on You Tube and then checking out the related videos so you can get some good ideas of what you like. And check out the bodhran players and see what you think.


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I first played a bohran when i was six so hard to use but watching some use it right is a sight to behold.I love being irish