Career as a drum/cymbal rep

Jeremy Bender

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So I know PaisteTim and others here at Drummerworld are professional reps for instrument manufactures. I've been wondering what skills/education are required for this type of job. Do we have a rep. in the house who would like to give some advice or share some anecdotes?

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Hi there,
I am not a rep but I do know quite a few. I would say probably each case would be taken individually but you would definitely need:

An in-depth knowledge of the product
Strong Communication Skills
Background in Sales / Experience / Evidence of Training

Just a couple things spring to mind.


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as a mfgrs. rep. I can tell you all you need are good people skills, the ability to close deals and in-depth product knowledge. A willingness to travel is also a requisite item.



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i'm also in so cal and i used to work at a music store and knew alot of reps. in addition to the above mentioned...

there are some reps that work for 1 company, while other companies will heir a independent rep in a certian state or "zone" to sell their products.

i know one guy who's territory is all of california and las vegas. its all driving and he does ALOT of it as you can guess.

its also hard to get into (atleast in my case, even though i had the connections) but give it a shot.


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I know a lot of reps. I've often thought about such jobs.

The main qualification is being a people person.

But as mention, the jobs are very few in this industry. Most of the reps I know have had the same job for 20+ years. It is rather rare for someone to leave once established.

Some reps are independent, and therefore they rep more than one product (i.e. one cymbal company and one drum company, and perhaps a non-competing accessory company). This further reduces the number of actual jobs.

One way to break in is start with a smaller company that doesn't have many established reps. But the catch is they can't pay much, so they are often looking for independent reps who are already repping an non-competing product, or someone who's willing to work for peanuts.