Can't Stay on the Seat Anymore

Can’t stay on the seat anymore. The better I get, the more trouble I have staying on the seat. I hope Santa brings me a new seat that works for me. I find that I’m stressing my legs trying to stay put. Anyone else having this challenge? Am I just playing to hard? If there is such a thing!!!!


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I played a song at a party once and the drummer was about 5' 6". He had his throne jacked up so high I couldn't believe it. I'm 6' 4" and I would never put my throne that high. It was like he was on a bar stool. When I jumped on there was no time for me to wheel that thing down with a 100 rotations so I just went with it.

Every time I went to for a run of bass notes with just my right foot, I would start slipping off the stool. It was also a small round and tired butt buster.

My Roc n Soc spoils me.

Do you have your seat up high?

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Am I just playing to hard? If there is such a thing!!!!
Yes, there is such a thing but only you are going to be able to figure that out. Are you lifting yourself off of the seat when doing technical footwork? If yes, that can be a key to overplaying (bad techniqe) they tend to go hand in hand. Bad posture can also help to cause such events.

I use a seat with a backrest so I can keep a good posture and even centerline.


on of my favorite drummers, Mike Johnston, is always moving around in his throne.

he litterally jumps and airs off the throne on some snare hits.

jut invest in a big fat throne. believe me theyre amazing.