Canopus Yaiba Kits


Does anyone have any experience with the Canopus Yaiba drums? There is the groove kit (birch) and a bop kit (maple). From what I've heard online, the kits sound great. The birch kit really has me interested.



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I've owned several Canopus snares and they are excellent.
The Yalba sets look like a great deal.


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I've been curious about them as well - can't seem to find any info re: where they're made? The price sure looks great for those bop kits, just wondering if these are made in Japan too or have they outsourced to another Asian country for manufacture?

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...if you don't mind talking to a dealer, you should call dana bentley of bentley's drum shop re your questions...dana said that the new yaiba-series drums are essentially the rfm-maple series drums without the re-rings and with lower-mass (albeit "pot metal", as opposed to brass) hardware, resulting in a more open sound with increased projection...bear in mind that his comments apply to the maple-shelled yaiba kits...


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The guys at Drum Center of Portsmouth in NH have a couple of these kits on hand. They have a video on their site discussing some of the differences between Yaiba and the higher end Canopus line.

Btw, I don't think the Maple drums are limited to Bop sizes.


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