Can we get a 'new replies' feature?

Duck Tape

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I like to check the forum throughout the day and sometimes I just want to see if someone answered my question or see if there's any new replies in threads I've posted in. Having so many sections makes that a bit tedious when you use the Internet on your phone, or if you don't have all day.

I have tried to find this feature but the closest thing is to view your own profile, then view your posts, and it's not as easy to access as I'd like.

Could we get a 'new replies' button on the main task bar?


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There's the "New Posts" button. Actually I started that one just recently but it helped me exactly the way you're describing. It clears up everything as you'd see just the new posts.

Duck Tape

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Thanks Bernard/Arky.

I have seen that button but I thought it just showed threads with the most recent replies, not threads that I have actually posted in.

Is there a way to 'sort' it so that it does what I'm asking?


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There's no way (that I know of) to directly view only threads you've participated in, but if you use the "New posts" feature (or "Today's Posts" under the Quick Links menu) there's a different thread icon (the envelope to the far left) on all threads you've posted in.

Other than that, I think the way you mention (going through your own profile) is the easiest. I believe there's a setting in your control panel to automatically subscribe to all threads you post in, but that would mean that you get an e-mail every time someone posts in one of those threads. I'm guessing that's not what you're after.

You can also use the advanced search and search for posts made by a specific username (i.e. you):


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I like the "New Posts" button, but it took a little getting used to the fact that it would only show new posts since last refresh, as opposed to new posts I haven't read yet. I've been using it more, though, and like it.
Yeah, I'd like something like what Dre's asking about. That would be cool. I know I could have notifications sent to my inbox, but that would be a bit much because of traffic here.

p.s. I love this place.


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If you click on a forum members name there is "find all posts by......." It should work for your own name.
And it does I just tried my own.


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You can also subscribe to a thread that you've posted in and you will be notified when someone posts to the thread.