Can someone make a cover of this?


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Definitely a sequence & samples, as a "developing music producer" the OP has to learn to recognize those kinds of patterns, sounds & feels. The parts are pretty clear, what's the point in doing a cover? To see what a live drummer adds to it? IMO, it's right the way it is, no live drums necessary.

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Its a machine..........YOU listen.I've been playing longer than you've been breathing. You can make it play 128/33 if you want.,and get plenty of different snare sounds.Its called sampling

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I'm pretty sure its a drum machine,and all I have are real drums.............sorry;(

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Kick is same but its used in a difrent velocity sames goes for the hats.Thing is he uses two difrrent snares.Listen better please.But anyway thanks for replying


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I've been listening to many genres of music my self since the age of 13.Right now I'm a developing music producer and i was fascinated almost two years ago by this track. Black sun empire - dark girl . If someone can make a cover out of it.I would be full of pleasure,It's pretty sure for me that i have never heard such an amazing drum beat and so passionate one.Anyone who can do it?Without killing the whole track.Here is a link of it, if you are bored to search on youtube