Can anyone recommend some groove/pocket drummers?


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If you like Funk/R&B then i wouuld recomend listening to Sonny Emory or atleast attending a clinic.
Unfortunately there isn't alot of youtube footage cause his work with Earth Wind & Fire live is a groovalicious thing of beauty!


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Pretty Purdie.

His ego may be twice the size of the man himself, but he even speaks in the pocket!!

Don't forget to check out the Gadd-father either.


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well don't forget Dave Garibaldi w/ Tower of Power. check "back to oakland". then Dennis Chambers w/ John Scofield. listen the early stuff w/ Gary Grainger...some sick, sick grooves. especially "blue matter" & "pick hits". then i really like Micheal Bland (Prince, "diamonds & pearls") & John Cushon who plays on Oleta Adam's albums. Benny Greb really has a nice groove. of course, Porcaro, Jim Keltner (every song on the Little Village album) & Andy Newmark (check "woman" by Lennon for a taste of this guys focus / groove / approach [similar to S. Jordan]). how about Steve Smith w/ Journey ? no one can play rock ballads like Smitty, not to mention all the fusion-esque stuff on "captured".


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I've always been a fan of Questlove and Steve Jordan, but I'm lately getting into Chris Dave, and even older cats like Clyde and Jabo. Who else can I check out that's known for being predominantly a pocket/groove drummer?