Calling All Drum Builders!!!


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I am currently writing an article that shows how to build a wooden, segmented drum shell. At this point I am interested communicating with experienced stave drum builders who might be interested in serving as a formal contributor to this effort.

Your involvement would include answering some questions that I would pose to you via email or over the telephone. It would also be ideal if you could provide some photographs of any of your current or past drum shell builds.

You would be formally credited as a contributor on our website, any photographs would also be formally credited to you and, were we to use any quotes from our emails and/or conversations, you would be cited accordingly.

We are very excited about this project and believe that its success is very much dependent upon the involvement of subject matter experts.

If you are interested in participating in this project, I can be contacted via email at or by telephone at (203) 402-1159.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Chris Fernald


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there are only a few drum builders on this forum. i am currently working on a stave drum but don't have any pics to give or advice as this is my first attempt ever. try the forums on they have an entire section for stave builders.


Gold Member was the same suggestion I had, although we probably have the best here but I will let him speak out on his own...Where are you our Canadian Great???

Oh, and welcome to the Forum!


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GhostNote responses thus far have been, "interesting". It appears I've struck a nerve with folks over there. I guess I assumed that a lack of interest would come in the form of a non-response or a simple 'No, Thanks".

Quite the passionate group, I say.