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Since I'm going to buying a drum kit soon that has floating toms, i was concerned that my cymbal stands won't be able to hold them. Right now I've got those cheap Sound Percussion cymbal stands. If I need something better, should i get a double tom stand or two cymbal stands? and what ones should i get? (I'm looking to get the best quality, that can do what i need it to, for the lowest price)


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I have been gigging Dixon double braced hardware for about 14 years with no problems, I just dont see why you need to spend more money on hardware just because of the name. Alot of different hardware is built in the same plants and just get different stickers and or foot plate names depending on what brand it ends up being. I use 4 cymbal stands, 2 triple clamps to hold 4 tom arms, I mount 10" and 12" toms and 17" cymbal on one stand and 14" and 16" tom and 18" cymbal on another stand, 20" and 16" cymbals with a stacker on another stand and 19" and 16" cymbals plus tamborine, cow bell, jam block and use a clamp on snare basket to mount 12" snare on the last one and I have yet to do any repairs after all these years on any of it and that includes the dixon double pedal, high hat stand and ball mount snare stand as well. BTW I also have 2 rim clamp cymbal holders, 1 on the 12" tom to hold a 12" splash and one on the 16" tom for a 10" splash and my drums are peavey radials so there has been a pile of weight on those stands for many years.


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I use the Tama RoadPro stands. They're durable and affordable. I would go for two singles for better setup versatility.


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The Tama Roadpros are good stands. Depending where you are, you can pick up some good, heavy duty used stands. Stands are one of the items you can pick up used with confidence as long as you inspect all the joints and tightening clamps. Unlike used pedals and cymbals, sometimes you don't know the condition until a week later.

I keep seeing on Craigslist (here in California) used DW cymbal and tom stands. As long as they are not missing any grommets, fitting or washers - you can grab these used with much confidence.

I use the DW 9000 cymbal and tom stands. The DW5000's are good too. They securely hold a tom and have a cymbal arm. I would go for 2 so you can position them around the BD easier. One on each side holding a tom and cymbals.



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It's the constant set-up and tear-down, if you gig a lot, that rips up cheap hardware. As long as you get the geometry right, in how you suspend your toms, and how you place the cymbal stand legs ... the Sound Percussion stands should hold just fine.​


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Dont forget the hihat! I believe the hihat stand is forgotten as, well....a stand! I have my 2 spashes mounted on brackets off my hihat...this keeps them close to the hats and allows you to add some very cool colours to some funky 32nd doubles...oh it also eliminates the need for a couple of stands as well. I am a big believer in utilising the stands I have and adding brackets wherever possible. Obviously someone who punishes a 20" china with a tree trunk may actually NEED a separate stand for each cymbal, but for me, the brackets work well. As for the original question...I use some gibraltar and a few no-name stuff which has lasted many years, tear-downs and airplanes very well. Perhaps you could consider stands with eliptical legs...not as heavy as double braced stuff


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Musician's Friend and Guitar Center sell PDP medium duty stands on sale very often for $19.95 and their heavy duty stands for $29.95.

I bought 9 of the medium duty boom stands several years ago and they have held up very well with all the set ups and tear downs.

I'm amazed that after 4-5 years they are still the same price when they go on sale.