Buddy Rich Signature Kit 2010 SJC Drums USA.....any probs?


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Hi Erniekia,

Well, assuming it's set up for a right handed player, the traditional BR set up of bass drum mounted cymbal stands has the ride cymbal mounted closest to the batter side on the right, and the second (splash) cymbal mounted closer to the resonant side on the left behind the rack tom.

The first picture is from the 2008 BR Memorial Concert and the second is from the BR Drum Company site. I think both pics clear show the ride cymbal mount is toward the batter side.

What can you do about it? Talk to the shop you bought the kit through? And, keep bugging SJC.

As mentioned previously, could your bass drum be backward?

Sorry for your headache.

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Something to do with money, perhaps?

I'm afraid I can't help with this one, but welcome to the forum!


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Is there anyone out there who has recently purchased in 2010 the Buddy Rich Signature kit made by SJC Drums in USA?
If so, can you help/advise please?
Whereabouts on the base drum is the ride cymbal mount located on yours? E.g. Is it towards the back (nearest drummer), front towards the audience or central?
After receiving my kit in the UK, I'm currently disputing with SJC Drums regarding the placement to the front of the base drum. Images of the kit online, show the mount to the rear of the base drum - no such luck with my purchase! Unfortunately the one I purchased has the mount towards the front. A small issue I realise but these aren't cheap drums and it makes the ride cymbal positioning very awkward - due to the cymbal not being near enough my reach to be comfortable when playing.
I shouldn't have to remove and replace the mount after spending one year's salary (hehe) on this kit and then have it shipped to the UK.
SJC say that they always place the mount to the front, but the images online state otherwise. I bought the kit through Poole Percussion - how much influence do you think they have in replacing the base drum with the correct placing?

Any advice welcome. Cheers. Rich, Whitby, UK