Buddy killing it...with matched grip, 1948


"Uncle Larry"
Indeed. Great clips.
What do you mean by the 'drum way'?
Would those be calf heads in 1948?
There's a video of Buddy talking about matched grip compared to traditional grip. He referred to trad grip as "the drum way" to hold sticks. So I was poking a little fun. He was kind of dissing matched grip in that video. That was my takeaway.

I'm no expert on the subject but I would say they are calf heads in 48. They don't sound like modern heads at all.

He was playing those toms with a lot of force IMO.

I really liked this particular solo, matched grip and all :)

Steady Freddy

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The matched grip vs trad grip always seemed a little weird to me. If you're right handed the left hand takes a lot more work to develop. Vise versa for left handed players. Since the lead hand is playing match grip, and in most cases, out plays the weaker hand, it would make sense to use the same grip for both hands. It works so well for the lead hand why use a more complex grip for the weaker hand.

Just saying............


Hollywood Jim

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Buddy Rich stole that matched grip stuff from Gene Krupa.
Watch Gene play. He was switching between traditional and matched all the time.



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Love this vid, its gone around before and always blows me away. Actually, I only remember the Buddy part tho. Awesome. Im play strictly matisional grip.


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He never really used it, think it was always an identical size 16" too.

Most clips you see it primarily used as a surface to keep his towels.
I've also heard he kept throwing stars on there to wing at slacking musicians and fans who applaud at the wrong time, I seriously doubt this tho. Always seen him as more of a dagger guy.