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I wanted to start a thread about events in our lives where we found ourselves amongst drumming greatness.

I'll share a story to begin.

Early 90s. I was hosting an afternoon program on WKDC, a small AM Jazz radio station in Elmhurst, IL. We had a rabid following in the area. We produced a couple of shows with jazz bands and I got the chance to interview many greats.

After having him on a few times, I became friends with Barrett Deems, the legendary big-band drummer, and his lovely wife, Jane.

One night, Barrett called and invited me and my drum teacher, Bob Berg, to join him going to see Roy Haynes at Jazz Showcase in Chicago.

We watched the first set and, afterwards, Roy came out to say hello to Barrett. They traded stories and Roy invited the three of us to sit on the side of the stage to watch the second set.

During the middle of it, he stopped the song, looked over at us and whispered, "Barrett, quit watching my foot!"

We drove Barrett home and he gave me a couple of treasures: An autographed picture of him, Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa and a framed photograph that Louis Armstrong autographed to him.

Amazing man. Amazing night. Great memories.