Breaking Benjamin, anyone?


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I am really impressed with this band. I'm not much of a fan of most radio friendly bands out there today, but it came up on Pandora, and I noticed that, despite the "radio-ey" sound (think 3 Doors Down), the drummer was REALLY good.

I then bought the Dear Agony album, and wholy crap. The drummer is really good. I then bought the Phobia album, and was again blown away.

I then go on YouTube to search for drum covers of their songs to see what is going on on the kit, and to my shock and pleasure, I find the very Chad Szeliga, Breaking Benjamin's drummer, teaching his own songs out of his basement! I was blown away by that! He breaks down some of his very good songs like Diary of Jane, I Will Not Bow, and others. He goes into detail of what he was thinking when he wrote the drums for each song, what he was trying to acomplish as far as what feel he wanted to convey, goes over different ways to play it, etc. Awesome.

Does anyone else appreciate this band, and more specifically, this drummer?


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I'm a big fan of this band. Jeremy Hummel was their original drummer and he was awsome as well. I prefer Chads' playing over Jeremys' though. Great band, great songs!