Brand New Cymbals.... Small Hollow Black Pin Holes


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35+ years drumming and being around drum equip.

Anyone tells you that having pits like the one shown is normal is wrong.

Return it.

...Go to a shop and look around...they would be ashamed to display such a thing.

Don't accept garbage.


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Anyone tells you that having pits like the one shown is normal is wrong.
Right, wrong or just unwilling to make mountains out of molehills.

If you guys wanna flip your lids over a tiny blemish that has no material effect on either the sound or the durability, that's entirely your call. I'm down with which ever way you want to roll with it. But it's not the first cymbal blemish I've ever come across and I'll guarantee you it won't be the last. They are indeed very real and their existence hardly makes the thing garbage

What can I tell you? I have had no adverse effects from playing cymbals with a blemish or two. None of them have cracked at the pitting point nor has the sound quality deteriorated because of it.
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Being a metalsmith for the past 20 years, and having worked with most metals( brass, bronze, silver, gold, copper, iron, etc) I've seen myself all sorts of failures in those metals. Now, what concerns me more than the small hole or void is the actual indent surrounding it. The void is bigger than it might seem.
I get problems like that sometimes when I'm casting ingots, and with the coldworking process that comes after casting the voids ultimately get larger and the structure weaker. What started out in your cymbal as a small imperfection (minute) got bigger as they rolled the cymbal out. Thus the adjacent grains in the metal around and in the void got worked (overworked) differently than the rest of the grains in the cymbal. Thus structurally weaker.
Catastophic cymbal failure, probably not. Potential crack in the future, pretty good chance. Depends on how you play.
I, for one, would not accept this cymbal