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It was difficult to miss Brady’s nature-inspired booth at the 2009 NAMM convention this past January in Anaheim, California. To celebrate our return to the show, the unique Australiana display only further enhanced our stunning and innovative new products. And best of all, Chris Brady – our creative chief and company founder – was on hand to introduce our finest newest instruments.

You can view Alex Alexandrov’s behind-the-scenes video footage at the Brady booth here:

The NAMM Show was very rewarding for Brady, as dealers showed their commitment to the company's unique instruments by placing orders that far-exceeded our expectations. All of our display items, including our 2009 introductions, were snapped up by noon on Day 1 and many special orders followed! There was also a steady stream of artists who all wanted to play the drums, talk about how great they recorded and meet Chris.

We are pleased to bring you Brady’s NAMM Show highlights for 2009.


Taking pride at the very center of our 2009 NAMM booth was our new Kosaka Block Snare Drum. Shown in a 14 x 5.5 model, these special drums were created to honour the memory of Tat Kosaka, longtime president of Pro-Mark Japan and a special friend of Chris Brady. They are made of condensed bamboo, which offers a much higher note than our traditional Australian timbers, allowing for a powerful, yet sensitive sound. The Kosaka model snare drums are very loud and cutting, without being too abrasive, and are available in 14” x 4.5”, 14” x 5.5” and 14” x 6.5” configurations.

Kosaka model #001 (14 x 5.5) is now available at Rupps Drums in Denver, Colorado. And Memphis Drum Shop in Memphis, Tennessee has #004 in stock (14 x 6.5). Video of the product demo can be viewed here.


Because it’s all about the sound, hearing is believing with our new Spotted Gum ply shell snare drums and drum kits. The concept for this new range was to introduce a totally different sound and a considerably lower note (roughly 1/3 of an octave lower than Jarrah) than any of our “traditional” timbers have provided. Spotted Gum is a very strong Eucalypt timber species with an interlocked grain. The new Spotted Gum drum kits have extremely thin non-reinforced shells to provide a unique mix of attack, depth, warm and projection and come with handcrafted inlaid parquetry badges.

Spotted Gum drumkit #001 is proudly displayed at The Drum Shop in Portland, Maine and is available now.

Other Spotted Gum drumkits will be arriving at DrumCenter Koln (Germany), Bentley's Drum Shop (Fresno, USA) and NAAS Drum Centre (Co. Kildare, Ireland) in the coming months. Video of the Spotted Gum snare drum product demo can be viewed here.


Stopping crowds in their tracks was the gorgeous new Halls Creek finish Jarrah Ply drum kit. The highly figured veneer is one of our new options for our ply shell snare drums and drum kits for 2009, and is available in natural satin or polished high gloss luster. On display at the NAMM Show was a Jarrah Ply drumkit in a Halls Creek gloss finish in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” & 22” sizes.

You can demo this 6-piece beauty in person at Just Drums in Toronto, Canada. Hear Memphis Drum Shop's 4-piece product demo here.


Another highlight at the Brady booth was our Marri Ply drumkit finished in our new Fiddleback Marri veneer, which was shown in Bonham-esque sizes (14” rack tom, 18” floor tom, 24” bass drum). We obtained some special Marri veneer with a beautiful fiddleback pattern running through it, so we have released this as a new ply shell finish for 2009, while supplies last.

Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville, Tennessee is wowing their customers with our Fiddleback Marri NAMM display drum kit.


To celebrate 20 years of the unmistakable 12 x 7 Brady block shell snare sound, we have reintroduced our noted Wandoo Block snare drums. On display were the 12x7, 14 x 5.5 and 14 x 6.5 models. They headed out after the show to their new temporary homes at Indoor Storm (Raleigh, North Carolina), Memphis Drum Shop (Memphis, Tennessee) and The Drum Shop (Portland, Maine), respectively. Video of the 14 x 6.5 product demo can be viewed here.

Other NAMM show display goodies were snapped up by Chad Sexton's Drum City (North Hollywood, California), Donn Bennett Drum Studio (Bellevue, Washington), The Drum Pad (Palatine, Illinois), The Drum Shop (Portland, Maine), Drum World (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Dynamic Percussion (Manchester, Connecticut), Fork's Drum Closet (Nashville, Tennessee), Huber & Breese Music (Fraser, Michigan), Indoor Storm (Raleigh, North Carolina), Just Drums (Toronto, Canada), Memphis Drum Shop (Memphis, Tennessee), Resurrection Drums (Hollywood, Florida), Rhythm Traders (Portland, Oregon), Rupp's Drums (Denver, Colorado) and West Coast Drum Center (Santa Ana, California). Please contact these elite stores for current stock availability.


Congratulations to our 2008 Brady Dealer of the Year - Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville. Be sure to stop by their massive new snare room to test out the latest from Down Under.

See you at NAMM 2010!

Peace & Drums,

Brady Drum Company
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its really not fair how awesome your drums are. i would seriously kill some1 for a brady kit.....
nice job guys nothing less than brilliant


Guest Jarrah finish....fiddleback... electrifying...just amazing! The Kosaka snare sounds incredible! Much better than either of the competitions bamboo snares I have heard in the past. Looks like Chris/Brady is back with a vengeance!

Disco Stu

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Beautiful drums, especially the Halls Creek. And nice to see some different woods being utilized in drum making.

billy ward

DW Pro Drummer
Very beautiful instruments, yes. Those Brady folks are not kidding around.

Stu, can I borrow your disco ball this Tuesday? I have a drum club lunch in New York city this Tuesday and we could use a little extra inspiration for that 120 bpm thang. :D

Disco Stu

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You can never go wrong with a disco ball. If I were anywhere near New York, I'd loan it to you, but I'm on the west coast. Shouldn't be hard to find one in NYC though. After all, it was the epicenter of the disco scene.

And so as not to derail the thread...Brady Drums: Once again, great work!

billy ward

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He-he. You're a sport, Disco-Stu! I remember a gig or two at Studio 54 (a miracle)... ah, nevermind... :D
Yeah... Brady drums... lovely.