Bought a K Constantinople with Keyhole. Did I screw up?


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Hi guys,

I just bought a used Zildjian K Constantinople 22" medium ride, and I have been looking all over for this for the last couple of weeks.
I bought it for $343 (the retail price in Norway is $738).

Now I'm not sure if I made a good deal or not, being that I don't have any experience with cymbals with keyholes in them.

What can I do to fix it, or prevent it from getting worse?



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That isn't bad. I don't think it will bother the sound. Just make sure you have good plastic or hard rubber sleeves on your stand. It may want to sit in the same spot when you put it on a slant but that will not hurt anything. Im guessing for half price I may have bought the same cymbal. How does it sound?


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I've seen brand new Sabian HH cymbals with warps / defects / whatever that bad. I wouldn't worry about it, just put a good sleeve on the stand.