Bonham Triplets


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Hey, I've been practicing the Bonham triples for almost a month now, and a question rose up to my head. When he did the triplets, did he start the triplets with the bassdrum doing a bass drum-left hand-right hand pattern o did he end the triplets with the bass drum doing a left hand-right hand-bass drum pattern?. Thanks.


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You mean he did both patterns? did his right o left hand guide the triplets? with that I mean which one went first and which one second. Thanks.
The way a play and practise John Bonham Triplets and I think, He did with a right hand-lead is basic:
1floor - 1rack - 1bass, begin slow then increase speed.
2snare - 1bass / 1floor - 1rack - 1bass / crossover - 1rack - 1floor - 1bass / comeback - 1floor - 1rack - 1bass, repeat.
Also You can add Para-diddles between floor and snare drum...Be inventive and original as Mr.Bonham was! John Bonham = Moby Dick.


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I thought he leaded with the left, or did he lead with both? sometimes left and other times right? XD
He would start off the patterns with the left hand sometimes, right hand sometimes and also the foot sometimes as 'Donv' said.

It's a matter of what part of the kit he wanted the pattern to start with, all it is orchestration of a triplet over three seperate parts of the kit in any order depending on what the desired sound was, you can do it in any order you like :)

Hope you're well and good luck with it,