Birch Yamaha Stage Custom - Question Regarding heads


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Hey guys, I have a couple questions regarding my Stage Custom Kit that I just can't seem to be getting the sound i want out of. Any feedback is appreciated!

Granted I've yet to replace the heads on all of the hardwear (Snare/high+low Tom/Bass), does anyone have any recommendations for decent heads? Right now I believe i have Remo coated on all, including the toms, and i'm not sure how i feel about having coated heads on the toms.

Anyways, like i said feedback is appreciated! Cheers

Michael Madio

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My general rule of thumb is coated single-ply batters for recording (e.g. Ambassador/G1) and clear double-ply batters for live (e.g. Emperor/G2).

Don't forget about the reso heads as they can have a dramatic impact on the sound as well.