Bimm/Drum Tech Summer Schools


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Hey guys first time post but was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have been playing drums for just over 9 months, I had a couple of months worth of lessons to start with but due to my teacher not being able to do lessons due to other commitments I have been teaching myself ever since. I've been putting in alot of work practicing as much as I can (average a couple of hours a day) and feel that I am making good progress. However I still feel I could benefit from a bit of professional guidance to polish up my skills a bit and was looking at a couple of drum summer schools in particular the Metal Hammer/Classic Rock course at BIMM and the summer course at drum tech I was wondering if anyone had been to either and what the courses consisted of and how useful people found them.


I have hear that both summer schools are good, I have just spent two years at BIMM from a near complete beginner.

check out my blog about the last two years

I have been lucky that I have found really good teachers at BIMM and and able to put the time in to learn what they teach, a week long course over the summer will teach you something and you will have fun.

Two years on , I drum with more confidence, more ability and feel, but I have worked hard at this.