Big companies vs small companies


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I've been thinking about the pros and cons when it comes to drum companies (drum sets, cymbals, etc). With a small company an artist gets more individual attention but with a larger company one can get more promotion and it's easier to get support in other countries then your native (for clinics and so you don't have to have your gear shipped over seas to play shows).

I assume that I am correct on these assumptions?

What are some of the other pros and cons that would make a touring drummer choose a big company or a small company?


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From a strictly logistical standpoint, you're correct, a large company offers better support in more locations. A small company/builder simply cannot compete in terms of providing a backline kit, or immediate service/parts the way a large company (with worldwide distribution) can.

As for promotion, unless a guitar/bass/keyboard player or someone that could hire you happens to see your pic in an ad or catalog, it doesn't amount to much. It's the drummer's job to promote himself, not the company's.

From a more personal practical standpoint, established (read: large) companies' drums maintain better resale value than boutique/small company drums, with very few exceptions.



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... But the service you get from small companies far outweighs the benefits of the larger companies. If you want a cheap kit then you have no choice but from intermediate kits upwards you do have a choice.

If you have a habit of getting through drum rings, snare wires or throw offs or whatever, then you could carry spares. I'd be surprised if there were many parts you need to replace even on tour other than heads and sticks, which of course you can get most places anyway.

I'm very pro the small companies.



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After listening to Andy at Guru on here, I would pick those guys. Everything he says is intelligent and useful, unlike all the marketing BS the big companies spew. I think you could get exactly the set you want with a small company, where a big one will give you the choices they have. However, it sounds like you are assuming endorsement at some level, which would change that whole deal and I am unqualified to talk on.


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As Bermuda said, yes, a larger company can offer more world wide support.

Many major touring drummers do not carry their drum kit with them around the world. They have a kit in North America, one in Europe, maybe one in Japan. All 3 might look identical, but they are not the same kit. Guys who do a ton of session work might have identical kits in Los Angeles, New York and/or Nashville. And even if they don't have that many different sets, every touring drummer wants to be able to get parts and supplies easily on the road.

Which is why you sometimes see someone endorsing a smaller brand early in their career, but jump to a major brand if the band they're playing with gets bigger.