Best way to hook up with a band


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I'm a teen drummer who plays regularly in Church and at home.. Thing is, I really wanna start playing with a band outside of church.... I've played in a band before and I have a few connections with people my age who are involved in the local teen band "circuit".... What's the best way to find a band in need of a drummer?.. I've tried craigslist (thats how I found my last band) buuut I've had little success.. Should I wait for an opportunity to open up via the people I know, orrr is there a better way to find a band in need of a drummer?

Jacob G.


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If you have a good music store nearby a lot of times they'll have a notice board or some such thing. Sometimes just striking up a conversation with the workers there can get the word out as well.

Good luck!

Duck Tape

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It might come down to your craiglist ad.

Have you posted any demos? Are you on youtube? Any recordings of your work posted anywhere?

And more importantly are people going to like them?

The last time I posted an ad was a few months back and I got a pretty big response, and in the past that didn't happen... I think it was 'cos I had a half decent demo and the message I wrote was probably what people wanted to hear.
Make sure you have legitimate samples of your playing so that way they know that you can play.
Also, go to venues where local bands play and just meet people. You never know the people you'll run into by going to random shows.

Midnite Zephyr

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Being a high school student should make it easier to find a band. You're around lots of people with lots of time ontheir hands. Why don't you try finding out who the guitar players are at school and strike up a conversation with him or her? Or hang out with the music students and network with them. Is there a youth ministry at your church? Maybe there is another church nearby that has one with a teen band. Or tell the youth pastor you want to start one at the church. Be persistent. Remember that attitude reigns supreme. a great attitude and work ethic will get you a lot further than a giant ego. If you're easy to work with people will keep you around. Good luck!


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yes, networking! Even in high school you can network. Find out everyone who plays and talk them up about music. You'll make friends and music buddies. You seem to already be networking the local band "scene" too, and that's good. It could literally be "Tommy's family is moving to Oregon! We need a new drummer fast! You play? wanna audition?" or maybe the singer/songwriter girl with acoustic guitar wants to start a band to back her up. Or you could convince one of your friends to learn an instrument. Many bands came about because the members were friends first. Also if you are the band leader you can assemble "your" band so to speak. Stewart Copeland did that to form the Police, and Dave Matthews hand picked his band from the local scene. It started by them "helping with a demo" Dave was recording but they gelled so great it became a full fledged band. Taking action yourself could be the most rewarding in the end so be social and go for it! It never hurts to ask or maybe cajole a little.. lol..