Best shakers that attach to hihat? Legs?


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I've rigged a few. I took a Pearl hex shaker, the metal one with rubber caps and taped a nylon cymbal sleeve with the attached cup. Then you can slide that on the hh rod and either use a rubber band or a clutch to hold it tight.
As for foot shakers I've put the little LP eggs with the handle sticking out of my shoe. I've also used Velcro straps to strap them to my ankle. I occasionally play with an acoustic trio where I get to bust out my inner Jay Bellarose.


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I wish there were more selection here. I was at guitar center the other day, the best the salesman could come up with is putting a seed rattle on top of the hihat cymbal. Off the shelf options are tambourine jingle type, which can be played either with or without the hihat, and the LP shekere.

For the leg rattles there are the goat hoof or seed rattles, I've found these aren't loud enough seated, you really need to be standing and moving for these to have an effect.

I've rigged up different configurations for the seed rattle on a hihat stand but haven't found a great way to do it yet.