Best (Impulse) Buy purchase


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Somebody on my Facebook page posted that a local Best Buy had all their musical instruments on clearance since they were discontinuing the music department. (Side note: I didn't even realize they SOLD musical instruments online until a couple months ago due to someone posting here).

I drove down there and headed to the tiny, tiny drum room. They actually had a fairly surprising selection of drum heads from Remo and Evans. Only marked down $1 though so I left it. Started looking at stuff, called my guitarist and rattled off some inventory/prices to him since he lives 90 minutes away and wouldn't drive down there.

All I know is that I get home 45 minutes later and I am now the "proud" owner of an LP Shake It, a Zil-Bel 6", and a set of Puresound Blasters. Well I could always use the snares in the future, but WHAT ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH AM I DOING WITH A SHAKER AND A ZIL BEL!?!

Well the LP Shake It was $5, and I figured our band has thrown around the idea of covering Jumpin' Jack Flash in the future (although I'll somehow have to figure out how to play shaker and kit simultaneously.)

The Zil-Bel was very tarnished with stick marks but was only $30. I have a solid bell on my 22" Ping Ride so I don't have a huge use for it. I'm thinking that as a joke before practice tomorrow night before the band comes over, I'm going to remove my 22" Ride and replace it with the 6" Bel. (SIDE NOTE: Best Buy must not sell many took 2 employees to figure out how to remove the cymbal from the display stand....I wish I would have just had my Allen wrench with me!)

Is this how hoarding starts?


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It's collecting, not hoarding, lol...and, yes. Who knows, you might use the shaker to influence crowd participation!?

BTW, good prices + gear = :)