Best drummer of the last 25 years?


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Yeah, that list is a serious joke. Of the list? Stewart Copeland. That Portnoy is leading just goes to show how ridiculous these polls are.


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Go Joey! Ha ha!

I'm not sure if I've ever even seen or heard him play, but judging by the reaction he gets on drum forums, I'm gonna guess he ain't no Steve Gadd. On the other hand, I have seen pictures of Slipknot, so I'm guessing Steve Gadd might not be appropriate for that band anyway.

Man, you just gotta laugh at these polls! Or at least take them for what they are.
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As is usually the case, it's just a popularity contest really. They have people on the list who haven't exactly done a lot in the last 25 years. Heck, one of them, Jeff Porcaro, was only alive for 7 years of the last 25, and one of the few albums he did in those 7 years was a Michael Bolton album. That wasn't exactly his most exciting work. Cozy Powell has also been gone for half of the time, although he had more interesting work in the 12-13 years in question, imo.

Rather than some of the old guard but hardly active names and lucky-enough-to-be-in-very-popular-now-band names, I would have liked to see some folks like Stéphane Galland and Yoshida Tatsuya nominated--people who are doing things that are admirable in terms of both creativity and technique, and who have either only been active in the last 25 years or who have had their peaks in the past 25 years. There are some conspicuous absences from the "popular to dislike now" category, too, like Lars Ulrich.
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Wheres Thomas pridgen? Aaron spears? Jojo mayer?
Whats the point in even voting...
Voting for freese though cause i like the bands he plays in haha
Glad to see travis only has 2 though :D ahaha


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Wow this poll makes me sad. Joey Jordison at 50 percent? My God, this is just plain laughable.

But guys, don't be dissing Mike Portnoy. You can say that he's not the GREATEST drummer in the last 25 years, but if you start talking negative of him im gonna cry...

But seriously, where's Aaron Spears?


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That list is even sillier than the premise- it tells you more about the people who made it up than anything else. The musicians on it who I consider really great did their most famous work more than 25 years ago.

And you'd think they'd find a place for these guys amongst all of the Cozy Powells and Nicko McBrains:
Joey Baron
Bill Stewart
Brian Blade
Jim Black
Trilok Gurtu

There are also a bunch of older players who have done some of the most important work of their careers in the last 25 years- Peter Erskine, Paul Motian, and Jack Dejohnette come to mind.


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No Danny Carey? Weak.

Yeah i noticed that to. That's sad actually.

I didn't vote either. I was surprised to see that "Travis Nation" hasn't obviousely voted. lol

If i were to vote i would have went with either Gadd or McBrain. Those were the only two on the list that has given me some inspiration....the rest...meh.


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Nice to see Dailor in there. Surprising that Weckl ain't in there though, usually him, Gadd, and Colaiuta are always the top three contemporary jazz catz mentioned.


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You have to remember this is little more than a popularity contest, and since Joey Jordison plays in the closest thing to a death metal band that can sell platinum albums, he will invariably do well.

No disrespect to Jordison or Portnoy but in the realms of metal there are literally hundreds of drummers more creative and talented than either of them, just in less well known bands.


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Why thank you Polly. I didn't think you cared! ;)
*embarrassed shuffle* ... jeff, our secret's out now!

For the record I voted for Vinnie, even though I like Steve Gadd more. They asked about "best" rather than "most appealing".

No Brian Blade? Leon Parker? Joey Baron? Bill Bruford? That says a fair bit ...