Best drum kit to buy


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Decide on your budget.
Find the features you like within that budget.
Find the color you like, and buy that one.

When you get older you can use this same formula to buy a car, motorcycle, boat, shoes, pants. It all comes down to money and taste. Very simple.


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This could be the most open-ended question in the history of DW.

Best drum kit is the one that sounds best to you that you can afford.
At first where are you gonna practice? If you have a place where you don't disturb anyone feel free to buy any drumset you like and can afford. In case you are gonna play at home consider buying an electronic drums just not to be murdered with you pillow by your roommates one cold night.


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How long have you been playing?
What genres do you need the drumkit for?
What's your budget?


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I suggest a kit with 14 toms, 4 snares,three bass drums, and 14 cymbals, plus aux perc.

Should cover everything you would ever need to use.

keep it simple

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You might want to be a bit more specific!

Without details, if it's only for practice, the cheapest used kit you can buy that's in a playable condition.