Best camcorder to record drums on?


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I've read up that zoom q3hd is pretty good, but is their anything out now that is better? Need it for recording my roland kit and live kit. Then posting videos on youtube.

Bo Eder

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I think Alesis came out with a flash recorder and Zoom also has its own Q2. But I think if you do a search for these things at, you'll see every one that's being made now and you can choose accordingly. I think most of us have gravitated to the Q3HD because it was the first good one on the market - heck, the original Q3 without the HD camera was pretty dang good too.

The only thing I highly recommend is purchasing the extra accessories kit as that includes an AC adapter to plug it into the wall. All of these units are battery hogs so you're always carrying extra batteries with you.


The best audio/video recorder on the market is the Tascam DR-V1HD.
Great sound quality, better video than the Zoom.
It uses three regular AA batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH) and both the camera and microphones rotate 180 degrees, which is great to find a good place to shoot video.
But I ended up not buying it because I found that it is not always good to record video and audio from the same spot.
So I use a Zoom H2 for Audio and a rather cheap Canon photo camera with a firmware hack (CHDK) for video recording.
Then I sync audio and video in the computer.
But if you want straight combined audio/video shooting the Tascam is the best thing around.
The Olympus LS-20 M had slightly better video quality but was so awkward to use that I can't really recommend it.


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You were right the first time- the Zoom is the easiest way to record, especially with e-drums (and no need to synch audio and video, does it all in one go).


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Has anyone tried these iPhone mics? condenser mic&client=safari&hl=en&num=20&bav=on.2,or.&bvm=bv.48293060,d.dmg&biw=1024&bih=672&sa=X&ei=Ff3EUZ7WBPfl4AOD8IHIDQ&ved=0CJgBEPMCMAI

or something similar? Seems like a great video camera already (that many might own) and this mic could be a great combination. Also seems like it could be paired up with Garageband for a low cost editing option?
The mics look like a good option, great ratings. But the price is putting me off a little for what you get.


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One of my friends brought his GoPro down to the studio to try sticking it on various parts of my kit for obscure angles and I was impressed how good the sound quality was. Really wide angle too so it captures the whole kit easily.

Haven't got anything decent to compare it to though so, I don't know how good it is really.

Beats all daft handelds I've used. That's it.


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Just bought a tascam im2 on eBay for less then $30. It plugs into an iphone4 /iPad/etc and reviews are awesome. I tried recording with just the iPhone and everything is so loud and distorted. Hopefully this will work and I will be able to post on YouTube like crazy. !!!!