Berklee Audition Song

I'm trying to decide on a tune to use for a Berklee audition and was considering street nights by chick corea with a bit of my own flavor added where necessary, I hear there's a soft spot for latin. Any suggestions for songs or artists to look into would be immensely appreciated along with any other tips, up till december im working on reading, rudiments, anything you can think of to work on please mention.
much love


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I'd say you're looking for something you can solo over/play a very interesting supporting role.

Possibly Bright Size Life (Pat Metheny), Matrix by Chick Corea (it's a really uptempo blues with some crazy playing by Roy Haynes).


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Yeah I took the Latin advice as well. That school is queer. I played "Song for my father" with a dressed up swing section on the 3rd chorus. Being able to read and count "the and of three" "on the third measure" and "kick" the snare on the "third measure" while swinging and so on for two groups of sixteen measures, with a few tied notes here and there. Then I read and played a chorus of sixteen measures with both hands on the snare drum in 3/4 with 16th note and 8th note groups with dynamics here and there, pretty simple. Then I jammed out to a blues thing with the auditioner. After that, he played a pattern on the piano I had to emulate, pitch and rhythm using different drums for the pitches with the same rhythm he played. It's called "call and response". Overall, I would have to say, it was, honestly, the best day of my life. The interview focused on my experience with group playing and my time on the drum kit, as well as my extra curricular activities. God bless you, I hope you get in. Have a blast with the audition and just soak it up. In case you're wondering, I didn't get in. But it had mostly to do with the major I chose and my ability to operate successfully in that major in reflection to my experience and preparation in the direction I wanted the school to take me in, I believe. Just be confidently prepared and you'll do great!