Bends in Bass Drum Claw Hooks are almost straight


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This is the first time I was tuning and I got this kit from a friend about 11 months ago and haven't retuned it. My bass drum claw hooks are almost straight in the bend where it bends around the drum hoop. How do I fix this? One of my friends may have a vice if that will work and not snap the metal but if it doesn't is there another way to fix it or should I just buy some more.

Note: Currently low on money and the cheapest I have found them is $1.13 each and I need ten. If you find some that are cheaper and can ship to Australia it would be appreciated.


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The claws can be re-bent with a pair of pliers. wrap tape around the jaws of the pliers to avoid scratching the claws.


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Oh, sorry I already tried that and instead of the claws bending it moves the whole arm if you get it. Thanks though. :)
Interesting, I have straightened many a BD claw with pliers over the years. A vice should do the job. Use layers of tape or cloth on the jaws of the vice to protect the claws.


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If the claw is almost straight,then clamping it in a vice may be necessary,just don't clamp it too tightly or you'll crush that back of the claw,where the T rod passes through.

Just clamp it in the vice,and use the pliar to partially bend the front of the claw just enough so that you can clamp that part in the vice.Then clamp the part of the claw that goes over the hoop in the vice,so that the round part is facing you.

SLOWLY,tighten the vice,until the bend is restored.

I would also NOT tighten the bass drum head that much,that you're bending the claws.That's an indicator that your overtightening the drum head severely.Tighten the claws in small incremente,across from one another,so you're not tightening the 1 claw excessively,then tighten the others.Putting that much pressure on the hoop/claws and head,will damage those parts.

I would also plan on buying new claws.Even in the US ,new claws go for 2.50 US,without shipping,so 1.13 is pretty cheap.The metal of your claws is likely weakened by rebending buying a set of claws is the only way to go.Thats only 11.30 for 10 claws.Surely you can manage that.

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