Beginner needs a practive layout


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Hey, I played a little bit of drums with a teacher a little over a year ago but I stopped because I wanted to concentrate on sports. Even though sport season is coming up again I think I can manage time for me to practice drums around every other day. Anyone know how to get me started? I remember a little of the rudiments and all that but totally forgot how to read music? My friend said to just youtube rudiments and master those first but I don't really know if that will do anything. I really don't want a teacher cause they make me feel restricted and bored of drums. Thanks.


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hey dude I'm 14 i've been taking drum lessons almost year round for about 4-5 years, very busy schedual, besides tuesdays lessons i have marching band 3-4 times (practice 2 a week 3 hours long) a week and soon I'll have indoor drumline, along with all honors prep classes so i know your situation but I'm gonna say to definatly go for lessons you will feel restricted but its not restricting you as long as you get a teacher who you work well with, so make sure you find a good teacher then you can expand your skills and start to improve right from the start.