Beginner Moving Up in The World!


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So I have been playing drums now for 4 years on a basic Pacific kit. I finally have found someone who wants to buy it and I am looking to upgrade it!

I have about $750-1000 dollars to spend on a new Kit (Shells only I already have all DW 9000 Series Hardware that I will be using)

The only draw back is I won't have cymbals for now but I was thinking I may just blow off the cymbals for now and spend the full amount on the shells and buy some cheap set of cymbals till I have some more money to put into the set.

I play mostly Indie/Folk Rock/Folk Pop/Folk/Rock

and am looking to have a 22" x 18 bass drum
10" x 8" tom
12" x 9" tom
16" x 16" and maybe a 14" x 14" Floor tom ( but thats only a want not a need )

Any suggestions am I looking at saving up for a renown should I call it a day and go with a catalina maple? (I am a little worried about the 45-degree Bearing edge of the catalina maple, because I know Gretsch is known for the 30)

Love Ludwig and Gretsch

Thanks for everyones help its a grueling process! =P

And let me know what else I can add, I am open to all suggestions, for instance maybe I am looking into the wrong sizes, maybe I need to save more etc etc....