Beginner drummers: you don't HAVE to be in a rock band!


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I discovered there's a batucada (brasilian percussion band) in our village and joined them a few months ago. I absolutely love it, I play snare drum and it's great training. Our band leader is a pro drummer and he sure can teach me a trick or two.

For a beginner drummer like me it's a great way to play gigs after just a few months training, it teaches you to listen and stay aligned with the others, it teaches you very different rhythms.

The other advantage is, I'm 40-something and have a demanding job and I travel a lot. Whenever I'm not there the band can still play. Not that it's a good thing to walk in and out randomly, I do my utmost to be present, but it's a much more flexible setup than a rock band. Yesterday evening I came back from a trip at 10 pm and joined the band who were playing in the streets (yesterday was national French Music Festival day) and the audience went completely insane. In front of us we had a bunch of gothics dancing to the samba like wild monkeys!

My plan was to join a rock band but I'm enjoying this so much, I guess I will find a rock band at some point but I won't give up the samba.

Maybe one day we'll be as insanely tight as these guys:

Any other batucada players here?


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That was brilliant, I loved it!

I wish they'd looked a bit happier when they were playing, though. I hope you lot smile more!


Yep. Brazilian (and Afro-Cuban....and African) drumming can be great fun once you've mastered the individual rhythms on the percussion instruments or kit part equivalents.

Brazilian rhythms can rock too!!!!!



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Very true... trying to be perfect kills the smile. I smile and therefore I'm not perfect :cool:
I make myself smile just as I'm coming up to a difficult bit. It releases feel-good hormones (endorphins?) so I'm more relaxed, and consequently play the difficult bit better than I would if I were tense. If you manage to smile while you're doing what you do, I bet you do it really well!


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I played caixa with a local group for a couple of years, and it was a lot of fun, and I absolutely recommend it for beginners, novices, whoever. Anyone at all, actually, would benefit from some time playing that kind of music.

Nice video-- they're doing a variation on what our guys call “Sergio”. I kind of wish people weren't going crazy with the tempos-- the swing goes out the window when you do it too fast-- but I think that's the trend everywhere.


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Not necessarily a rock band but maybe some kind of band. There is nothing like the experience of playing with other musicians live even if it is only a rehearsal. When I started playing with Mog and Ogg in the caves we beat on logs mainly to scare off the mastodons. It was a good way to get to know your fellow Neanderthal.