been tuning my drums for 6 hrs!


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something i noticed learning to tune is that my drums like certain types of heads more then others. i had 2 ply coated onyx heads on my kit right after i got it and they tuned awesome except the 10" which got a little buzz, slight tweek on the batter and it was gone. i now have g2's over g1's and with the same tuning every drum now makes my snare buzz and they take a ton of tweeking before it gets to a manageable level. i also tried various combinations of coated, clear, single and double ply. if i had a clear on top and bottom lots of buzz, coated on top clear on bottom minor buzz, coated top and bottom virtually no buzz at all. single ply buzzed a little more then double ply but not much.

since i'm still learning how to tune this could be just my bad tuning or could be something to it. but could be something to think about, you just may not have found that combo that your drums really like....


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Bought some coated emperors, that i tuned higher than the clears. After i finally got the toms sounding good, the new higher setting gave me bad snare buzz, which i didn't have before. Then started working on the snare....
I use coated Emps as well. Seems to me they need a little break in/stretch period before you can ease them.


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I found this for tuning my snare drum on Youtube, posted by RAVEN HQ. For some reason it made a lot of sense to me and I'm right where I want to be with my snare.

"I tune by feel and ear. The batter I tighten until it starts to ring and develops a "crack" sound, then I loosen it just a bit so the drum opens up. The resonant head I tune up until the drum starts to carry and sing out, then I usually tighten it a bit higher and loosen the lugs on either side of the snare wires to improve the sensitivity. I keep the snare wires kind of loose so they don't choke the drum."

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new update.... changed snare wires..... sounds better! The others may have been stretched or something of the sort


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I remember one time I was experimenting with my snare tuning. I got it how I wanted and then played: The snare buzz was louder and more audible than ever before. I panicked, and tried tuning my batter and reso at just about any combo you can think of for like 2 hours.

Turned out that my wires were just as loose as hell... (wierd because I always tighten them to the max...) I don't know how they got so loose, but I'm still searching for the culprit!


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I've always loved having a little snare buzz on my Toms and Bass drum. Dunno why, just my personal taste I guess.

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Here is an excellent video on snare buzz from Bob Gatzen.
I use the Puresound Equalizer snare wires and although I never really noticed buzz from my other drums I would be bothered by the buzz from a bass player so I got the EQ wires and they work great. I also agree that the heads need a little burn in time.