Becoming a better drummer


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I'm only 15, I've only been drumming for 3 years however I'm one of the best on our High School drumline on set, snare and quads. You need to relax when you're playing. It seems that you think about it too much. When I started out, because I play piano, I was really big on following music, technique, doing everything perfect, that I really never got into the music and it made me mess up. I wouldn't do very well on set. Then I started listening to rock bands and getting into the drums.

I thought about it, I tried to play songs like Animal by Nickelback, or AC/DC songs, where I had no music and I played by ear. I realized that you have to relax and feel the music rather then being so worried about the music or technique.

By the way, I'd never picked up a drumstick until I was 12, I didn't learn set until I was 14, now I'm one of the best on the semi-large drumline I'm involved in.


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You are responding to a thread from 2008. It's a little out of date. Check out the date stamps on the threads you respond to. But welcome to the forum.