Bearing Edge Confusion?


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Can anyone explain the bearing edge lingo being used by Mapex for their new Panther snare lines? Some of the snare list bearing edges as "5:1, 9:2"--stuff like that. What does this mean? How does it translate to a degree-based edge?


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I might be wrong but I think it refers to the angle of the bearing in ratio form, just like gradient markers for roads, so for example 9:2 might mean for the bearing every 9mm of in of thickness it has 2mm in height. It's basically a fancy way of expressing the angle of the bearing edge.

Does that man any sense?



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I'm thinking it means the edge is 9mm wide for every 2mm of height. Are we saying the same thing.??


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Yeah, instead of expressing the edge angle in degrees it's just in ratio form. A pain the ass if you ask me if you have any intention of comparing them to other manufacturers bearing edge angles.

Now, where did my graphics calculator go?