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Hi, i just bought my new sonor vintage kit. When i was choosing this kit i was happy about "wide range of tuning" that this kit offers. But im not sure is wverything ok with bass drum. So i choose 20 bass drum for versatility of jazz and groovy sound. So i try to tune it low for grooving now - the thing is is it normal that claw hooks are moving when tuned ? I dont mean they are shakin but when i push up and down on hoop they move with some resistance. I checked with tune bot and to get claw hooks really tight i will have to tune it to lowest pitch of an 18 bass drum ! So is it normal and should i stop worrying about it, or is production failure ? Hope it dont let detune...


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A bass drum tuned low, just above where the head wants to wrinkle, is not putting much tension on the drum head. So yes, it is normal that you can press down on the hoop and get some play.


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And yes that low the claws may also move on the hoop. I don't tune that low but can see where it may be a concern if you do.


Thanks for replies. If i understand correctly its normal and shouldnt affect anything... To be clear i meant that it happens when i push claw hooks. The place where hook have curve that goes to inner side of hoop there is some space so it dont touch it. So i can move hook from outer side of hoop to inner to make a contact on one side. I checked with tune bot and it happens in tune of around 64 hz on batter side(when trying to tune around F which tune calculator says is good tuning for 20, i found that i should also get E but it seems my claw hooks will be to loose). By wrinkles you mean those that show when i press the head or not ?
I also have a tune bot, and I find the best drum sounds come from using the artist tunings (part of their website) as oppose to using the tuning calculator, etc...

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LPP. Lowest possible pitch. That's how I tune my bass drum. Occasional detuning can and will happen. If it's not rattling when you play then who cares how much it moves.

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Hard to give and hard and fast thing here. If you tune low enough and there's no mechanism to stop it, things will loosen over time, for more than one reason.

I tend to tune the batter side a bit tighter these days, so it doesn't really happen, but lugs on any drum loosen. The lug closest to where I do the rimshot on my snare loosens. If could use tuner fish or something, but I don't think much about it. They are actively handeled constantly and whenever something isn't to my liking it gets adjusted.

Factory heads can be old and also many tend to maybe don't stretch BD heads as aggressively as other heads. There's more than one thing and maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't?