Bass Drum Technique Problems


Well, videos or maybe pics might help some more at diagnosing this problem...It might not be your technique...How tight is your bass pedal spring? How close is the beater to the head? It sounds like you have your beater fairly close to the drum head and/or your spring is too tight...I'm not sure how you play, cause we all play a little differently. Try putting your beater a little further away, and loosening your spring a little bit if it's not that way already. In my opinion, you can learn to play with your own technique, it's just developing the muscles to work in a way that you're telling them, if that makes any sense whatsoever.


Hey guys

I've been very careful examining my bass drum technique recently, after watching Steve Smith's video, and it seems I have a few problems.

I always though I let the beater bounce, but now looking at it carefully I have a problem. In my case, it seems, the beater rebounds too much, and subsequently has a few more lighter hits on the bass drum. Kinda like when the we let stick bounce. I am unable to control that, and the beater always seems to be hitting the head again after the main stroke.