Bass Drum Sound Survey: Short Thud or Bonham Boom

Bo Eder

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So, I'm assuming that as soon as you stick a mic in there, you're all still getting what you want? ;)


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I want a boom and a thud. I am selfish. I have achieved this with my Mapex Saturn 20 X 22 Kick.


I prefer the sound of a muffled bass head with no resonant head. Good thud, with not too much boom.


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I prefer it to be more of a punch with a touch of low-end resonance rather than either a boom or a thud. (or one of those horrible metal "clicks").



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i like something in between. i just use a superkick with a port hole at the front, and either an old t-shirt or a small cushion pillow inside, and i move the tshirt/cushion pillow around depending on theroom