bass drum beater


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Do you have access to a vise? Clamp it in and pry it back straight. However, this may weaken the metal and make it more prone to breaking. Depending on how bent it is...

Is this the stock beater from your kit? You might check beaters at your local music store. Chances are they are better quality and won't bend...unless you have legs like tree trucks.


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and how to prevent it from happening again
Happening again? I've not heard of it happening before. What are you using, what are you using it against? Is it an e-kit, a-kit or brick wall? :)

Unsual mate, 25+ years and I've never heard of the beater bending out of shape due to general playing. I've known a few 'stompers' too.....the heads always gave way long before the beater shaft had a chance to bend. Interested in more details.


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I'd toss 'em and buy new beaters. The metal is fatigued. It bent once. You straighten it. It's gonna bend again, and it'll take a lot less pressure to bend a second time.​
You must be a mean stomper, the only cat I ever seen bend a beater shaft (that wasn't defective) was Billy Cobham.​


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The only beaters I ever bent were on cheap beginner pedals. And I was bending them by burying the beater and leaving it buried, but continuing to bear down on the pedal.

Chuck those beaters, buy some new, pro-grade beaters, and lighten up your feet a little.


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i decided to stop being cheap and get a new beater. it was a stock beater and have been using it for 2 years.