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I'm curious about what regular gigs you've seen are out there that don't revolve around alcohol. Not necessarily alcohol free, just not revolving around alcohol. I recognize this might be a bit uncommon but it's for some strong personal reasons - I understand an aversion to alcohol makes things difficult, but if you can't think of one you need not apply. I know what direction this thread could easily go in, and I'm simply saying no thank you to that.

All of that said, thanks!

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I think alcohol only plays a small part in many summer festival gigs. We're playing one in a few weeks time that's firmly targeted as a family camping event. There will be alcohol there, but it has no greater prominence than food concessions, fairground rides, etc.


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Weddings......whilst there is often alcohol involved, there tends to be a greater focus on the event than the drink (hopefully!!)

Church or other religious gigs, more often than not will have a no grog policy.

Some (not many in my experience) coprorate functions may be alcohol free or at least place a less importance on the service of it.....epsecially, "family" orientated events.

Of course, underage gigs are alcohol free as well.

And lastly as an afterthought.......there is always the Temperance Movement's annual knees-up.....I hear it's a riot!! :)
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