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While in Baltimore MD for our annual Sales Meeting this week I took the opportunity to seek out some "live" music. I hit the jackpot!

If you enjoy jazz, r&b, blues and funk you owe it to yourself to check out the jam session at Club 347 on Mondays and the jam session at Si Salsa Bar & Grill on Tuesdays. The House band from Club 347, Jesse Powers on bass, Dawoud Said on keyboards and Johnnie Johnson on drums lead the way at both locations and set the bar high but the talent just flows to the stage one after the other be it drummers, horn players, guitarists or singers. Ray Gaskins on tenor sax, Raphael on fiddle and Lester Wallace on drums stood out along with several others whose names I unfortunately can't remember.

Back to back evenings of head bopping, toe tapping, finger snapping fun!
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That is a great venue. When was in the USA last year, I went to that jam night and actually got up and played with the house band. It was a blast. The night I went, quite a few other drummers got up. Some of the young black guys were really good players and went off on these 5 minute drum chop solos.


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I used to live in Baltimore. It's very underrated, in my opinion, for the musicianship and music scene found there.